Evening Club Trials

Golden Valley Classic MCC Closed to Club events



We are running the series of closed to club evening trials at the Tinkley lane venue again in 2018.

Dates for all our events see GVCMCC dates page click here.  You can always join on the night Membership form here.

Timings for evening trials will be as follows :-

Chuck wagon will arrive at 5 o’clock.

Signing on will start at 5 o’clock and continues till 6.30pm.

First riders away at 5.30 pm and others will follow at their own leisure – last rider away by 6.40 pm.

3 laps solo’s

2 laps s/cars

April 11th          Results

May 23rd          Results   

June 13th         Results    

July 18th          Results    

August 15th     Results   

2017 Results all trials