Section Markers


MARKING: A machine will be deemed to be in the section when the front axle has passed the Section Begins card and marks will be awarded until the front axle (GVCMCC Rule) has passed the Section Ends card.
5 = Fails to complete the section
Machine moved backwards to gain better position.
Engine stops with rider or any part of the machine (except the tyres) touching the ground.
Rider intentionally moves either or both wheels sideways without forward motion.
Rider dismounts from the machine (both feet on the ground on the same side or behind the machine)
Machines crosses section boundary tape or dislodges marker (wheels may not be lifted over markers or tape)
Machine or rider receives outside assistance.
5 = requested by rider rather than attempt the section.
A rider, or person having an interest in the rider’s performance, who in any way alters the severity of the section without the authority of an official.
Travelling in a forward direction against the direction of the section. . (Eurocup No Hopping)
3 = Footing more than twice
2 = Footing twicesigningon02
1 = Footing once
0 = Completing the section un-penalised.
Footing will have occurred if any part of the rider’s body touches the ground or the rider benefits from any part of his body leaning on an obstacle (tree, wall, rock, etc.) without stopping the progress of the machine. Footing outside the section tape does not class as failure but is simply classed as footing.
Stopping – Machine ceases forward motion for greater than 3 seconds. A slight pause whilst a rider prepares for next part of the section is allowed.
The machine may also move back slightly as the rider regains momentum.
No penalty for TOUCHING tape or Section start/end Cards.
SIDECAR MARKING. The same as for solos but if the passenger foots or dismounts = 5. A competitor will be deemed to be in an observed section from the time the front axle reaches the section begins card, until the front axle has cleared the ends card. (Eurocup No Hopping)
PUNCHCARD : are the responsibility of the rider, only the rider can present the punch card to the observer. Any disagreements over the score punched, or errors should be reported to the secretary of the meeting immediately at the end of that lap. If an observer makes a mistake and punches the wrong score, they should punch all scores but the correct one? Ask if you need clarification.

RECOMMENDATION TO RIDERS: Please remember the observers are human and treat them with respect and don’t take longer to complete sections than necessary, don’t argue regarding marks and respect queues etc.
Remember, without observers it would be difficult to run trials.
Please note the club defibrillator will normally be kept at Section One. It is in the Green bag. Section One observer will know where it is. Anyone can use this device it even talks to you?