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Golden Valley Classic Motor Cycle Club Regalia

Orders will be taken at the signing on for each open club event and evening trial.
See below for what can be ordered.



Rugby Shirt (GVCMC logo) £19.99 +£5.00PP
Rugby Shirt Blk or Wh Collar (GVCMC logo)

T-shirt (GVCMC logo) £ 9.99 +£2.50PP
T-shirt (GVCMC logo)
Hoodie (GVCMC logo) £15.99 +£5.00PP
Hoodie (GVCMC logo)
Sweatshirt (GVCMC logo) £12.99 +£5.00PP
Sweatshirt (GVCMC logo)
Polo shirt (GVCMC logo) £11.25 +£2.50PP
Polo shirt (GVCMC logo)



Hoodie (GVCMC logo) £15.99 +£5.00PP
Hoodie (GVCMC logo)


Sew-on badge (GVCMC logo) £ 3.99 +0.55pPP
Sew-on badge (GVCMC logo) 
Mug 10oz (GVCMC logo) £ 6.99 +£2.50PP
Mug 10oz (GVCMC logo)









Hi-Vis waistcoat (GVCMC logo) £ 7.99 +£2.50PP
Hi-Vis waistcoat (GVCMC logo)