This year GVCMCC are pleased to have been invited to running a round of the KIA Twinshock Trials Championship.

Entries are now closed PLEASE NOTE: If you have posted an entry form, we will contact you if your entry has not been included.

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15th May 2016 Round Two Chavenage Entry Booklet click to open

Gallery of a photos taken at the event

Final Results

The championship objective.

We believe that there is a need to create a low cost off road trials championship series for experts, clubman and newcomers.

The cost of a twinshock trials bike is more affordable than modern bikes and pre 65s.

Our aim is to attract, amongst others, younger riders who cannot afford tax and insurance needed to compete in an on road series.

There will be 4 classes, each with 2 routes, one catering for an expert or more competent rider and one for clubman and beginners.

Having designated 4 separate classes, we feel that these championships will be very competitive for all abilities and machinery.

With regard to entries  preference given to twinshocks over pre 65s, however the final decision will be the organisers.

List of classes are below